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Virtual Staging

  • Virtual Staging add-on.  For vacant/empty homes or an empty room. Be your Client's HERO. Virtual Staging is another top listing agent secret weapon!!! 

  • Virtual Staging creates online the emotional appeal missing in a vacant home and helps selling the lifestyle!!! It will make your listings stand out and generate more interests and certainly set you apart!!!

  • If you are looking for Home Staging & Redesigns (the ultimate secret weapon in selling Real Estate) by Cindy Mussman please click Here

  • Typically only 2-4 virtually staged pictures are needed.

  • Lowest cost in the industry, fast turn around time, efficient collaboration, consistent communication and first-class support from beginning to end.  

Virtual Staging for Real Estate Agents

This is an Add-on available with the purchase of the HDR Better Photo package.


During the photo shoot I will also take the room dimensions and other information necessary to create quality virtually staged pictures.

Virtually staged pictures like EVERY picture I deliver are individually enhanced with Photoshop / Lightroom  in post-processing to achieve the best results.
(Emotionally charged pictures that appeal to buyers)

Multiple picture sizes for your Web and Print needs .

Includes  "Photo Virtually Staged" Photoshop on every virtually staged picture.


24-48 business hours turnaround time.
(Creating virtually staged pictures is time consuming and tedious but I will deliver within 48 hours of the photo shoot)

Easy cloud delivery through your client download portal, no password needed.

Ongoing first-class support.
I really want to support you and your business. I believe in creating mutually beneficial long term business relationships based on trust, respect and competence. Life is too short to spend much time with naysayers and haters.
Leverage my 15 years experience.

Awesome Client Reward Program.
You get 1 free photo shoot (HDR Better Photo package) after every 10 photo shoots.
That's right, it's like taking another 10% off 
from my already low prices!!!
You also get  an Hershey's chocolate bar once in a while...Who treats you better? :)

Looking forward your repeat business!!!
And developing a mutually beneficial long term business relationship!!!

More Info:

  1. During the photo shoot, I will take the rooms measurement and other information I will need to create quality virtually staged pictures. 
  2. Payment is due at time of the photo shoot by check (to "Top Agent Listing Marketing LLC") or cash or Zelle or Venmo. Paypal and Credit Card payments add $5.00 to cover fees.
  3. Receipt provided for your Tax deduction.
  4. Flexible bookings available every day of the week and Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon!! - Always ready to go...

Awesome Client Reward Program:

- You get 1 free photo shoot   after every 10 photo shoots. That's right, it's like taking another 10% off  from my already low prices!!!  Who treats you better? :)

Testimonials  (Awesome Reviews from Really Awesome Clients):

5 Stars rating on Google Business  

Read dozen of reviews from other Real Estate Professionals HERE